Games have now just evolved,

There are lots of gaming options now in the market, where one can earn money by playing such games. What if I tell you what you can earn crypto currency or NFT as a reward when you play crypto games. Then obviously you will be willing to step into this kind of concept, I mean who doesn’t want to earn cryptos by playing a game.


Crypto game’s reward as a medium of payment

Lots of people believe to that crypto can be used as a payment option but on the other side some people think that due to volatility in crypto it can’t be used as a payment option. When playing crypto games rewards earned from it are used as the payment option for buying other cryptos. This makes it a valuable medium in the cryptos and contradicting the sayings that it can’t be used as a payment option.

When you play crypto games, you see an option of earning a particular coin or NFT as a reward. The platform the game is built on decides whether which crypto currency to give as a reward to players. For example, decentraland uses mana as its currency to perform internal transactions. Mana’s price on the crypto exchange is highly dependent on its core project work which is here decentraland.

NFT as rewards in crypto gaming,

One can get NFT as a reward when playing these games. The best thing about an NFT is that they are unique and they have a unique identification code that can’t be copied. Non fungible tokens cannot be exchanged with other NFT. Whoever owns this also owns the ownership rights of that particular NFT.


Reasons why crypto games are now popular,

  • The diversity of games and payment options in these games.
  • Simple user interface makes it easily understandable for the newbies who are stepping into crypto gaming.
  • Allowing players to earn cryptos and NFT in form of rewards.


Play to earn P2E games,

Is popular and getting more famous as its demand is rising. The young generation is very much drawn towards these kinds of games. Games such as Star atlas, Gods unchained, cryptoblades, zed run, Racefi etc are some of the best crypto games out there on the blockchain. These play to earn games are legit and provide some of the best rewards in the P2E concept.

I appreciate crypto gaming,

and I prefer playing these games because I can earn some unique valuable NFT through it. The rewards in the form of NFT if gets more valuable in the future then it could give good returns. I suggest one to visit https://crypto.games and start their crypto gaming journey.

Posted by Michael Smith